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Difference between HttpServeltRequest.getAttribute() and getParameter()

getParameter() returns http request parameters. Those passed from the client to the server. For example Can only return String getAttribute() is for server-side usage only - you fill the request with attributes that you can use within the same request. For example - you set an attribute in a servlet, and read it from a JSP. Can be used for any object, not just string.

About the school shooting in the States - I am sad today

It has been very difficult for me to to control my emotions when I think about the innocent children and adults who had their futures robbed from them by this monster so I can only imagine what the parents and loved ones are going through.Let us honor their lifes by trying to put an end to these types of events.We as human beings owe that to them and every person who was taken too soon by an act of senseless violence.Not a huge believer in Heaven or Hell but I hope there is a Heaven for these innocent children as well as the innocent adults and I hope there is a Hell that brings an eternity of suffering to the savage who did this.

SQL - Difference between Select Unique and Select Distinct

I noticed some of the codes using Select unique instead of select distinct, hereis the difference I found from internet
SELECT UNIQUE is old syntax supported by Oracle's flavor of SQL. It is synonymous with SELECT DISTINCT. Use SELECT DISTINCT because this is standard SQL, and SELECT UNIQUE is non-standard, and in database brands other than Oracle, SELECT UNIQUE may not be recognized at all.