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The things I learned from work

Today is the our 7 years wedding anniversary, a very special day for me and my wife. However, I got sick and had to stay at home. In last three days, my kids got a mild stomach bug, amplified it, multiplied it, enhanced it, and then passed it to me.

The project I am working with will be closed in two weeks, and we are going to work with the new version of our product. For me, just finish one project and start another one. I have about 11 years of working experiences, and still, I am struggling for life. In this project, we used JSTL,Jsp,Servlet a lot. And I am crazy of using Jasper Report 1.2, 3.7.6 , 4.0.0 and 4.0.2 for about half a year. 
Maybe, I can say I am the expert in using the jasper report and ireport tool. 

Boss promised me to work on web service part in the first day I was onboard. It seems this will never come to true. I am regret of missing this valuable opportunity, but, I don't have choice - I am not my boss.

I learned a lot about using Ubunto Linux and I got to know and use extreming useful tool - Beyond Compare which helped me escape from thousands of complains from QA team. I really love it. I feel more confident of using Linux and my gorgeous shells to help me dealing with many duplicated tasks everyday - e.g. switching among different servers, compiling codes and copying classes or jasper reports to tomcat. 

Our DBA is a very nice and strict person. I think I am lucky. He helped me optimized the sql query and I also learned many oracle functions during the period I am creating the reports. Oracle SQL Developer is and excellent tool. With that, no one want to use pl/sql plus(+) again. 

This is all I can summary about my last project. Thanks for the great opportunity of knowing many excellent coworkers and sharing experiences with them. I love the free cola and enjoy the daily stand-up meeting. 


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