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Time to say good bye

(Hockey) San Jose Sharks won Detroit Red Wings in Game 7 last night. Then  Vancouver Canucks will face Sharks  this Sunday in Game 1 of the western conference final. Go Canucks Go.

I had very good time to work together with other Tantalusers in the last 6 moths. It is time to say good bye to all of my friends in Tantalus. I got improvement in my English and technologies when I was in Tantalus. Siu-Ki helped me a lot on Oracle PL/Sql. And David showed the way to deal with issues carefully. Each time I talked with Yanik at the new Java Technologies, he can always provide me some surprise and guide me to the correct direction.  Discuss technologies with Ben is always such a good time, I also learned a lot from him. Marc S. is a Scrum master, It's always enjoyable to discuss with him about applying scrum in the team. Thanks to boss Marc, I am more familiar with Jasper Report now and no fearing of any requirement for the jasper report, which is really a great product!

Thanks to boss again as he just helped to send out the last day notification emails to the team (I was struggling to find the special way to say good bye to team on the way to company today). Having lunch together with Bartek and Frances  is gorgeous, we had great talk and I enjoy the food a lot(don't know whether it is indian or African ). I am very full now. Thanks for treating me!

I also miss the times every 9:30am in the front of the white-board, good bye the team, good bye the Kitchen I loved. 

Although I  can't work for Tantalus any more, I look on well at it's future and the future of smart grid. Go Tantalus Go.


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